Assistive technology at home

Ageing populations have a higher risk for depression, chronic disease, and have a unique range of requirements as they age at home. Technology and other electronic support services represent one avenue that can buttress safe, social, and healthy living within an elderly home environment.

E-care is being explored as a new frontier of solutions to burgeoning costs of acute and long-term interventions. These innovations provide tremendous promise in responding to older people in the most remote areas of the world – offering better access to support and healthcare services at a lower cost, while preserving their health and social well-being.

There has been significant advancement in the ability of relevant private companies, public entities, and NGOs to offer a connected home experience to their customers and clients. The potential for this trend is limitless and will have major ramifications on elderly care in their home. Papers exploring how to integrate external services with a 'smart home' to improve outcomes and decrease costs would be appreciated – as well as other work exploring assistive technology within the home.