Disability and Ageing

Worldwide, more than 46 percent of people aged 60 years and over are affected by some form of disability, and more than 250 million older people experience moderate to severe disability.

Disability and ageing are often synonymous but not inevitable! The association between ageing and disability has also led to stigma and a negative perception of ageing. However, disability can also be characterized as the junction between the individual and environment that is not enabling but debilitating.

It is critical to raise awareness about ageing and disability to inform key decisions, and encourage the development of global programs such as Age-Friendly Cities, as a platform to improve the quality of life of older people and promote inclusivity.

Of particular interest are abstracts which explore the notion that older people are people with a disability (which is not the case); commentaries which describe new models of innovation to enable older people with a disability to live in the community; and finally the distinction in care models between an older person and a person with a disability – is it a case of 'one size fits all'.