Dr. Alexandre Kalache
ILC - Brazil Doctor
Dr. Alexandre Kalache Alexandre Kalache launched the WHO Active Ageing Policy Framework and the worldwide movement on Age-Friendly Cities among many other enduring initiatives during his tenure directing the Global Ageing Programme at WHO Headquarters (1995-2008). Prior to his appointment at WHO he held academic and teaching positions at the Universities of Oxford and London. At the latter, he created the Unit on Epidemiology in 1984 and conceived and coordinated Europe`s first ever Masters Degree course in Health Promotion (1990).

For the past forty years Dr. Kalache has combined his medical, epidemiological and gerontological training with research, advocacy and activism on global ageing issues. His persistence on global ageing policy has greatly contributed to a major shift in paradigm: both in terms of positivity toward longevity itself and a strengthened focus on the life-course approach to ageing and health.

His expertise and advice is routinely sought from all corners of the world by national, state and municipal governments, universities, think tanks, civil society and private bodies as well as governmental agencies and the media. He serves on Boards from the World Economic Forum and the World Demographic and Ageing Forum to major pharmaceutical and financial companies and private foundations and continues to add to an accumulation of over two hundred published articles, scientific papers and books. Although he has offices in several countries (USA, Spain, UK, Australia), a significant focus is his newly-created (2012) International Longevity Centre (ILC Brazil) in his home town of Rio de Janeiro.

Read the original 2002 WHO report: Active Ageing: A Policy Framework

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