Biodiversity and species conservation

The importance of protecting nature and wildlife cannot be overstated, particularly in the face of climate change and habitat destruction. In Gorakhpur, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a group of passionate individuals came together to establish the Heritage Foundation, with a specific mission to protect and preserve the environment and wildlife of the region. DR.Mike H. Pandey, a noted wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, was one of the key patron of the Heritage Foundation. His expertise and commitment to environmental conservation were instrumental in establishing the foundation's mission to protect and preserve the natural world. Along with other members of the foundation, Mike H Pandey has worked tirelessly to promote awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and wildlife.

Globally honoured & renowned for pioneering and landmark conservation work.We work closely with forest departments across the country to fortify on-ground protection by training and equipping frontline forest staff.

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Secure key wildernesses to safeguard wildlife and mitigate climate change

Recognising the interconnectedness between people and ecosystems by using a 360° approach to conservation by placing equal emphasis on both forest and wildlife conservation and community development.

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Our Mentor

Dr. Ram Chet Chaudhary

Dr. Ram Chet Chaudhary born, brought-up and educated in and around Gorakhpur in U. P., is a son of the soil. He holds Ph. D. degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding and then Post Doctorate from Germany.

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Mike Pandey

Mike H. Pandey is an Indian film maker, specializing in films about wildlife and the environment. He has won over 300 awards for his work to spread awareness about biodiversity and species conservation..

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Dr. Anita Agrawal

The social distortions, anomalies, violent tendencies visible on the world around us, the preoccupation to get everything and the urgency of crossing any limit or not hesitating to fall from the limits, the way our...

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Reinforcing Forest Protection

Through partnerships with NGOs, the foundation is attempting to strengthen the bond between people and around India’s forests..

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Human-Wildlife Interface Management

Popular television series Earth Matters on DD National and Khullam Khulla both of which succeeded in bringing conservation out of the realm of environmental jargon and into the living rooms of ordinary Indians.

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Ecosystem and Livelihood Programme

Brought legislation to protect the whale shark not only in India under the Wildlife Act 1972, but also globally along with protection for other species over the years.

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-Film For Humanity: -Eco-tourism, Environment, Wildlife and Climate Change Film festival 2024 -11, 12 & 13 January 2024 Gorakhpur -Yogiraj Baba Gambhirnath Auditorium and Culture Center, Gorakhpu

-Film For Humanity: -Eco-tourism, Environment, Wildlife and Climate Change Film festival 2024 -11, 12 & 13 January 2024 Gorakhpur -Yogiraj Baba Gambhirnath Auditorium and Culture Center, Gorakhpu

Gorakhpur Mohatsav 11,12,13/1/2024

Heritage Foundation Gorakhpur

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