Our Policy

The same and also the aforesaid trustees herein were cherishing the laudable idea of funding a trust for charitable purpose and in the pursuance of the above objects and uses hereinafter expressed with the powers, and on the terms and conditions and provision contained of and concerning the same-


The name of the Trust shall be "HERITAGE FOUNDATION"


The head office of the said trust shall be situated at Vill-post Lalpur Tikar nadua PS-Khorabar, Gorakhpur


1. To promote welfare, social-cultural, charitable, health education, humanitarian, and relief activities that will protect, safeguard, improve the quality and raise the standard of human life, particularly economically weaker sections of the society, irrespective of caste creed, race colour, sex or religion so that they may lead healthy, happy contented and dignified life.

2. To help and collaborate in establishing and running medical centers, old age homes, Ashrams, rehabilitation, institutions for the destitute, vocational training centers for the handicapped and self job-oriented activities for the unemployed..

To offer and produce a cinema for humanity such as wild life. environment social issue etc and to organize film festival in India and abroad including following objects.

A. Mobile communication and outreach: Will organize awareness educational and capacity building workshops in interior and in rural areas including local communities on public health mother n child welfare food n nutrition.

Vocational training which will include ethenic art cottage industries weaving and making products using local material for income generation experts will be brought to train women and men for income generation.

Environmental protection and pre school programmes using a Van equipped with mobile projection and relevant experts and films

Doctors, Experts, Volunteers and professionals will be engaged

B. Cinema for Humanity in addition to (A) science Environment and education festivals in suitable places & towns

C. Heritage Foundation Will hold a pan India, annual film festival called cinema for Humanity 2 or 3 days in addition to thought provoking n motivational inspirational films which will be awarded, 10 to 15 citizens will be honoured and decorated for their contribution and selfless services towards protection of our heritage, environment. Public health and welfare.

Cash awards and citation with memento a UP state honour as recognition for outstanding work and contribution.

D. Eco tourism n wildlife workshops and Excursions with schools and young children to zoos national parks even farms to educate people and the youth towards eco education and Heritage of UP

E. The said Trust is planning 13 films in Effort to make Sanskrit films for young children specially pre school children

To encourage love interest in Sanskrit using Visual and simple text words

F. Heritage foundation will create a center... maybe if they get a place near the zoo or inside the zoo where training workshops film shows can be done regularly

G.Heritage Foundation will hold functions to raise funds and voluntary donations.

H. Hold special film shows and talks on important days like earth day environment day wildlife week in schools colleges n Universities and even villages.

I. Hold workshops for skill development to promote local handicrafts and ethinic traditional crafts.

Conserve heritage by creating seed bank and protecting farmers intellectual

properties indigenous seeds and some of the fast disappearing varieties of rice paddy grains and pulses.

J. Will work in collaboration with govt agencies trusts scientists and experts

K. Grants and CSR support will be applied for various health camps in rural areas..from mosquitoe eradication.. woman n child welfare...dental hygiene.

And medical tests for diabetics tuberculosis asthama

4. To undertake and support any program or projects that provide educational, recreational, social cultural and spiritual activities with the sole purpose of promoting peace, love, tolerance and national integration among the various communities of the country and Nationalities of the world.

5. Sponsorship of economically weak persons for institutional care.

6. Collaboration with other voluntary organizations to accomplish the above objects.

7. Affiliation with other national and international organizations engaged in welfare, health education, National integration, and peace-promotion activities.

8. Regular dialogue and rapport with central, State Government and N.G.O's to elicit support and cooperation in fulfilling the aims and objects of the organization (Charitable Trust).

9. To acquire immovable and movable properties by purchase lease, mortgage, gifts, grants, legacy, bequest, exchange, right privilege from any person/s, company, society, Government cooperative bodies or institutions whatsoever and to hold movable and immovable properties lawfully held of all descriptions.

10. To erect/build residential complexes, hostels, hospitals and any other type of building or structures whatsoever, to further any objects of theCharitable Trust and to maintain, manage, control, improve, alter, repairs, demolish or reconstruct the same or any portion or portions there of.

11. To receive by way of gift, whether in cash money or property movable or immovable, donations and contributions in any legal form, including legacy.

behest, wills, trusteeship, etc, for the benefit of the Charitable Trust.

12. To alienate by way of sale, mortgage, lease, charge transfer all or any part of the property of the Charitable Trust.

13. To invest and reinvest any funds or money of the Charitable Trust in the interest of the beneficiaries of the Trust.

14. To execute such agreements, conveyances, transfers, leases license,mortgages, documents, etc. as may be deemed necessary to carry out the objects of the Charitable Trust

15. To borrow and or raise any funds with or without security in any manner the charitable trust may think to repay the same.

16. To negotiate with or enter into arrangements with different authorities, bodies, industrial houses for grants, allowances, rights, concessions, and privileges, etc. that may be beneficial to the charitable trust beneficiaries.

17. To use all the income from the properties movable or immovable or from the earning of the Charitable Trust as such whose soever derived from, solely for the advancement of the objects. And that no portion of it be distributed or disbursed among the Trustees by way of profits, bonuses or dividends. However, nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith in the shape of remuneration or reimbursement to any Trustee for any services rendered to the charitable trust or expenses incurred thereto.

18. To appoint or to remove staff of different graces, prescribe their duties, assignments, service conditions and to fix their wages, remunerations, and perquisites, etc.

19. To perform all acts as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Charitable Trust.

20. The income and earnings of the charitable trust shall be utilized to attain the aims and objects of the organization as desired by the Trustees of Charitable Trust.

21. To undertake ad promote human resources in the field of social work and in other science relating to social action for world peace.

22. To undertake and maintain and assist any relief measures in those parts which become subject to natural calamities such as flood, fire, drought famine, cyclone, earth-quake epidemics, storm, accidents, pestilence, etc.

23. To give, provide and/or render, help and assistance to a and/or implement any scheme for providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor.