The Heritage Foundation for protecting nature and wildlife is committed to promoting conservation efforts that are based on sound science and evidence-based practices. They work to raise awareness about the threats facing the natural world, and to promote policies and practices that help to preserve and protect it. The foundation also works closely with local communities to promote sustainable development practices, and to ensure that the benefits of conservation efforts are shared equitably.The foundation's work includes a range of initiatives designed to promote environmental conservation and protection. They organize nature walks and other educational activities, and have developed a range of educational materials aimed at promoting awareness about the importance of protecting nature and wildlife. They also work closely with local schools and community groups to promote sustainable development practices and to encourage young people to get involved in conservation efforts. In addition to their conservation efforts, the Heritage Foundation for protecting nature and wildlife also engages in advocacy and policy work. They work closely with government agencies and other organizations to promote policies and practices that protect the environment and wildlife. They also engage in research and analysis to better understand the impacts of climate change and habitat destruction on the natural world, and to develop strategies for mitigating these impacts. The Heritage Foundation for protecting nature and wildlife is an important organization that plays a vital role in promoting environmental conservation and protection. Their work ensures that the unique natural heritage of Gorakhpur is protected and celebrated, and that it endures for future generations. We are fortunate to have such dedicated individuals working to protect our natural world, and we can all take inspiration from their work to promote conservation efforts in our own communities

Dr. Ram Chet Chaudhary

Dr. Ram Chet Chaudhary born, brought-up and educated in and around Gorakhpur in U. P., is a son of the soil. He holds Ph. D. degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding and then Post Doctorate from Germany.

Degree Division Year University
High School First 1959 U. P. Board India
B. Sc. Agriculture First 1963 DDU Univ. Gorakhpur, India
M. Sc. Agric. Botany First 1965 University of Agra, India
Ph. D. Plant Breeding First 1970 University of Agra, India
Post Doc - 1975 TU Munich, Germany
Post Doc - 1980 IRRI Philippines

After working for 42 years with various national and international organizations and finally retiring from FAO of United Nations as the Chief Technical Advisor and Project Manager, now operates a NGO called Participatory Rural Development Foundation (PRDF) in Gorakhpur. Dr. Chaudhary has spent past 52 years of his career in teaching Plant Breeding, rice research and rural development in more than 40 countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Dr. Chaudhary has worked in more than 40 countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America with IRRI, FAO UNDP and EU, and published 34 books and manuals including 300 research papers and popular articles. His book “Introduction to Plant Breeding” published by Oxford in 2014 is popular, and its Hindi version received coveted Dr. Rajendra Prasad Award of ICAR in 2020. Besides, he is bestowed with more than 25 national and international awards for his scientific and social works.

He has developed 150 rice varieties globally. His recent work includes first ever released rice variety of Kalanamak called Kalanamak KN3 in 2010, and its 2 semi-dwarf versions Bauna Kalanamak 101, Bauna Kalanamak 102 and Kalanamak Kiran. His organization also produces “PRDF Seeds”, known for its quality.

His organization, PRDF is the Regional Council of NCOF Ghaziabad for Organic Certification, and his team is currently working on organic production and certification of crops under PGS mode in Purvanchal. He is also working on Bio-fortification for Vitamin A deficiency through golden sweet potato.

His career move includes the following:

- 1969 to1979 with GBPUAT Pantnagar as Assistant / Assoc Prof / Assoc Director CRC

- 1979 to 1984 with DRCRAU Pusa, Bihar as Chief Scientist / Professor / Regional Director

- 1984 to 1988 with the World Bank as Rice Specialist in Nigeria

- 1988 to 1997 with IRRI as Plant Breeder / Global Coordinator INGER, Philippines

- 1997 to 2006 with FAO as Chief Tech Advisor / Project Manager, Rome, Italy

- 2007 – Chairman Participatory Rural Development Foundation (PRDF), Gorakhpur (U. P.)


1. Life member, Rice Research Workers Association of India.

2. Life Member, International Rice Genetics Association, IRRI Philippines

3. Life Member, Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi

4. Life Member “Clean & Green Environmental Society”, Lucknow

5. Member, Crop Science Society of America

6. Member, Asian Crop Science Society, Japan,

7. Fellow, Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi

8. Member, Board of Management, MANAGE Hyderabad, India

9. Member, NBPGR Board on Germplasm, New Delhi, India

10. Member, Koshihikari Foundation, Fukui, Japan

11. Member, Bioinfo Publications, India

12. Member, Society for Rural Upliftment of Economy, Varanasi, Member.

13. Member, Cambodian Society of Agricultural Science, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

14. Member, VDGOOD Professional Association, Coimbatore.

15. International Fellow, SVPUAT – New Age Mob. Society, Meerut – New Delhi


1. “Dr. Rajendra Prasad Award” of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, 1980.

2. “Certificate of Appreciation”, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, 1995

3. “Life Time Achievement Award” of Biographical Institute, Cambridge; 1999

4. “Life-Time Achievement Award”, United Writers’ Association, Chennai, 1999

5. “Gold Medal of Prime Minister of Cambodia”; Prime Minister Hun Sen, Cambodia, July 2000

6. “ Man of Distinction: Indo-ASEAN Who’s Who, December 2002

7.” PONENTE” ,El Instituto de Investigacion del Arroz, Habana, CUBA, 2002

8. “Kalanamak Saviour Award”, District Administration, Siddharth Nagar (U. P.), December 2014

9. “Doyen of Rice Research” by Indian Institute of Rice Research, ICAR – IIRR, Hyderabad, 2015

10. “Life Time Achievement Award” for Teaching, Research & Publication” by IRDP Group of Journals, Chennai, India 2017.

11. “Antarashtriya Samrasta Purashakar” by Indo – Nepal ASP Society, New Delhi 2017.

12. “Fellow ISPGR”, Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources, ICAR, New Delhi 2017

13. “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Reformer Award”, IRDP Group of Journals, Chennai, 2018.

14. “Karm Ratna” award by International Samrasta, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2018.

15. “Samrasta Samman Patra” by Indo – Nepal ASP Society, New Delhi, on 100th celebrations, 2018.

16. “Indo – China Friendship Award” by the Indo – China friendship society of India, August 2019.

17. “Role Model in Fighting Malnutrition” by Lt. General Sri V. K. Singh and internationally acclaimed farm economist Dr. Devendra Sharma, August 2019.

18. “Parivartan Achievers Award, Transition Plaque” for the superb services provided the society, awarded by the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Sri Bhupesh Baghel, June 2019

19. “Clean and Green Award” by Amma Parmeshwarm Society, Vijayawada , for promoting Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojna in U. P. awarded in June 2019.

20. “International Fellowship” Sardar Vallabbhai Patel University, Meerut during International conference, 2019.

21. “Scientist with Social Impact” awarded by Bhimrao Ambedkar University, PHSS Foundation, and Mansarovar Global University, Bhopal during international Conference, November 2019.

22. “Dr. Rajendra Prasad Award of ICAR” , New Delhi for his book on Introductory Principles of Plant Breeding (in Hindi) published by Oxford & IBH for University students, 2019.

23. “International Fellow Award” SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut, 2019

24. “Corona Warrior of 2020” by National People’s Front, New Delhi 2020

25. “Corona Warrior of 2020” by Doctors’ Forum of Gorakhpur district, 2020

26.”Seed Ratna Honour” U. P. Seed Traders Association, 2020

27. “Gorakhpur Ratna” award given by the Chief Minister of U. P. Sri Yogi Aditya Nath, 2021.

28. “Distinguished Scientist Award” VDGOOD International Scientist Award, Coimbatore, 2021

29. “Best Outstanding Researcher National Award”, KIER, Tamil Nadu. May 202130.

30. “Distinguished Scientist Award” VDGOOD International Scientist Award, Coimbatore, 2021.

31. “Proactive and Professional Contribution to Kalanamak Rice” Siddharthnagar Kalanamak Mahotsava, Organization Committee, Siddharthnagar, U.P., India, 15 March 2021.

32. “Best Outstanding Researcher National Award”, Kamrajar Institute of Education and Research, Tamil Nadu, India, May 2021.

33. “International Academic Leader Award”, International Research Association, England, U. K., August 2021

34. “Hindustan Purvanchal Samagam Award” for contributing to the development of Purvanchal through R & D of Kalanamak rice, awarded by Chief Minister U. P., Sri Yogi Aditya Nath Ji., 4th August 2021.

35. “Certificate of Appreciation” by Heritage Foundation, Gorakhpur, for saving environment through R & D of Organic Kalanamak rice,11th September 2021.

36. “Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Life-Time Achievement International Award 2021” by IRDP Group of Journals, Chennai, India.

38. “Vishwa Samarth Ratna”, award by Shri Vishwa Samarth Village Foundation, Pune and Regional Centre of Organic and Natural Farming. Nagpur on 24th November 2022.

39. “Life Time Achievement Award”, News World, India TV Channel Gorakhpur, U. P.. Sept. 2022.

40. “Global Education Award” by Kiteskraft Production, Chandigarh, on 17th December 2022.

41. “Life Time Achievement Award” by International Educational Conference & Award Ceremony, Gurugram, on 30th December 2022.

42. “Global Ratna Award”, SVS Pune & RCONF, Nagpur, India, 24.11.2022.

43. “Life Time Achievement Award” by C. S. A. University of Agri. & Tech. Kanpur, on 14th May 2022

44. “Letter of Appreciation” by DM Siddharthnagar for his role in the Holistic Development of Kalanamak rice through ODOP on the eve of Prime Minister’s Award, April 2022.

45. “Leader with Strategic Vision”, award by Agri Business Society Summit, of India, Hyderabad, on 27th August 2022.

46. “Recognition for role in “PM’s Civil Services Award” for Kalanamak rice. DM, Siddharthnagar, 08.06.2022.

47. “Rashtriy Shiksha Ratna Award”, Parmendu Welfare Socety, Prayagraj, U. P. February 2023.

48. “Outstanding Contribution to NGO's - Prof. Ram Chet Chaudhary” International Glory Awards, Chandigarh May 2023.

Mike H Pandey

Mike H. Pandey is an Indian film maker, specializing in films about wildlife and the environment. He has won over 300 awards for his work to spread awareness about biodiversity and species conservation, including helping conserve and protect key species such as whale sharks, elephants, tigers, vultures and horseshoe crabs

Born in Kenya, the Nairobi National Park, which was at the back of the Pandey household proved a rich source of inspiration for both Mike and his brother Ishwar. Mike's adventures with the camera started when he was barely seven when his uncle presented him a Kodak Browning Box camera on his birthday. He still owns this heirloom. Trained and educated in the UK and US the brothers experiences have been wide and varied from training in Hollywood, USA as interns, to Director of special effects and war scenes in films like Razia Sultan, Betaab, Gazab etc. in India. However, Mike's passion and care for the natural world pulled him back to Indian wildlife. In 1973, Mike set up Riverbank Studios a film studio in New Delhi, which focused on creating films about conservation and the wildlife.

In 1994, he became the first Asian producer / director to win the Wildscreen Panda Award, also known as the Green Oscar, for his film The Last Migration - Wild Elephant Capture in Surguja. In 2000, his film Shores of Silence: Whale Sharks in India, won the Green Oscar for the second time. The film also led to the ban on the killing of whale sharks on Indian shores. This film has also won a National Award for Best Film in the "Exploration & Adventure" Category, 2005. In October 2004, he did India proud once again by winning the Green Oscar for the Third time for his film Vanishing Giants – a story of his passion and involvement with elephants.[2] This film also led to the ban of cruel and outdated techniques of elephant capture in India. The CMS – UNEP Award for Outstanding Achievement In Global Conservation, the Prithvi Ratan or was also awarded to Mike at the CMS Vatavaran Film Festival in November 2003, for his outstanding contribution towards generating awareness, which led to the conservation of a global heritage - the Whale Shark. Mike was also presented with the Award for Cinematic Excellence by Western India's Cinematographers Association in Mumbai, 2005.

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Shores of Silence

The Indian government introduced legislature to ban fishing of whale sharks, declaring them endangered species and protecting them under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.This gives whale sharks equal status to other endangered species such as tigers and rhinoceroses.

Explorer of Mystery Mountains

The Explorer of the Mystery Mountains' series is an effort to uncover some of the hidden natural treasures and sensitise people to the urgent need to conserve and protect this vulnerable region - which sustains the lives of millions of people, local communities, ancient traditions, cultures, knowledge and wisdom.

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